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Hello! This is my opening post to this new community. Going to briefly introduce myself and my gardening interests.

I'm 23, from West Yorkshire in the UK. Currently haven't got much of a garden, or at least not one that I can do much with as it's a rented property, but I help my parents out on their mini-allotment at the bottom of the garden and have a little plastic house for a few plants in pots. This year, we have had four raised beds and grown spinach, pak choi, parsnips, rainbow carrots, rainbow radishes, beetroot, spring onions and lettuce. In the greenhouse we had beefsteak and plum tomatoes, sweet peppers, chillis and various herbs. Also have a big (Discovery) apple tree and two baby (Gala) ones, rhubarb, raspberries, and all the blackberries we can forage. Not quite self-sufficient, but enough to put something homegrown in a lot of meals we've had over the summer.

At the moment, just waiting for some very slow carrots to be ready, hopefully before our first frost, and up to our ears in huge beefsteak tomatoes. I was surprised by how well they did over a rainy British summer when last year's cherry tomatoes failed. My grow-house got blown over by high winds the other day but most of the plants look OK - I'm going to see if it can be secured to the wall without drilling any holes. Currently growing thyme, coriander, parsley and mint in it, as well as my pitcher plant, the only one of my carnivores to survive the winter. Shame it isn't very good at catching slugs.

Well, that's me. Feel free to comment or post and introduce yourself!


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